When we speak of daytime eye makeup, there are two keywords that usually come into our minds: neutrals and nudes. Neutral colors refer to tones that are naturally found in the skin, like rose, peach, bronze and yellow. Nude colors refer to linear colors from the brown spectrum like bone and beige. There is an unspoken rule that somehow dictates that daytime eye makeup (which we usually wear at school, work or when shopping at malls) should only encompass neutral and nude colors of matte formulation to pull off simplicity and au naturel look. If we’re going to think about it, a simple eye makeup created using the said colors is indeed daytime appropriate but sticking to these same shades and tones all the time whenever you’re out and about during the day can be too flat and one dimensional.

The association of these eyeshadow finishes with nighttime looks have long been cemented by most beauty and fashion magazines over the years. Ask a friend or a colleague if they are willing to wear high-shine eyeshadows in midday and chances are, they would answer you with “Of course not.” If you’re going to ask them why, they will likely retort a question-esque answer like “Uhmmm… because you’re not supposed to?” What we’re trying to say is that eye makeup and cosmetic application in general is a very subjective experience. There may be some basic rules on how to properly apply makeup but at the end of the day, it’s all about what you think works for you best and what you feel most comfortable at.

Whoever said that you simply can’t wear shimmery or glittery eye makeup when going to work or to a lunch date with friends is playing it too safe. Shimmery and glittery eyeshadows draw tons of attention to the wearer so it’s important to wear them with modesty. If you’re not sure how you can have the most fun with shimmery and glittery eyeshadows before stepping out of the door in the morning, continue to read some of our tips on how to make these eyeshadow formulas daytime specific:

  1. Instead of the traditional, chunky glitter pigments, choose an eyeshadow with fine particles. Chunky glitters are more appropriate for makeup art and photoshoot purposes.
  2. You can wear a nude base all over the lids and opt to wear an eyeliner that is glitter-based. Use varying colors like silver, brown, blue or pink to make your peepers look more awake and brighter.
  3. If you can’t give up wearing nudes and neutrals, that’s totally okay. We suggest you dab a shimmery champagne eyeshadow on the middle of the lids and inner corner of the eyes to add dimension and depth to your eye makeup look. 


Check out this glittery eye makeup tutorial from Instagram beauty vlogger @makeupbymia and learn how to add some sparkle on your daytime eye makeup look using Anita Grant Hello Beautiful Eye Candy Mineral Eyeshadows:


1.) Start off by applying a burnt orange color to the crease and blend it upward to the brow bone

2.) Apply Anita Grant Hello Beautiful Eye Candy Mineral Eyeshadow in “Honey Dew Melon” to the inner tear duct – a shimmery light green color.

3.) Apply a purple eyeshadow base to the lid area

4.) Pack Anita Grant Hello Beautiful Eye Candy Mineral Eyeshadow in “Mauve Parfait” – a shimmery mauve purple color – on top of the purple base and blend it into the burnt orange color applied in the crease.


About Anita Grant Hello Beautiful Eye Candy Mineral Eyeshadow:

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